Sirin Lab – IoT incubator will thoroughly choose ideas and projects and make the correct assessment of their investment potential. We will foster the entrance of the promising companies to the Internet market and help offer them to venture funds, media holdings, and strategic investors.

The easy-to-go scheme:

  • Supervise the start-up / entrepreneur in exchange for  the shares in the project;
  • Develop and scale-up the idea;
  • Strengthen the synergy with Sirin Lab business-initiatives, particularly medical software design and iOT (Internet of Things);
  • Find an investor, go public and sell the shares.

Criteria set for choosing companies and projects:

  • Innovative spirit and continuous development, which are the distinctive features of each successful company;
  • Being in the similar domain: sharing common areas  and offering potential synergy options with Sirin Lab initiatives;
  • Viability of the idea, being innovative in its core;
  • The overall qualification and  experience of the team coupled with the  best possible technical  solution.

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